We have been around over 15 years establishing different projects, programs & ministries. Africa, India, Mexico & here in the US we are impacting many families & communities. Whether through our primary & secondary school, orphanages, youth programs, woman’s program, leadership program, feed the poor program we are changing lives & bringing hope to many.

We hold annual conferences where we have the leaders from over 15 Nations gather for 4-5 days. Amazing things happen in the midst of these amazing people who truly want to succeed not just for themselves but also for the world around them.

We have Training Centers that are spread throughout Africa. Two weeks of every month, each Training Center hosts 20-30 leaders from surrounding towns, cities, and nations for a transformational time. We provide room and board along with an amazing team that teaches and facilitates each meeting. We are now doing this in the US and Mexico through virtual platforms. This has been very effective and has positioned us to help more people. In these training sessions, the NowRise team educates, equip, and empowers those attending the training in topics such as health and fitness, communication skills, how to build healthy functional relationships, self-esteem and confidence, public speaking, accounting, entrepreneurship, parenting skills and more. Also, we provide marriage counseling and business coaching. Most importantly, we teach them how to be healed from past pains and struggles and create an environment where the healing happens right then and there in the sessions. We have filed testimony after testimony of lives being transformed on so many levels and in many areas.



    *Any donations will go to these programs. Checks made to NowRise
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    For more info contact Richard Martinez (626) 202-2291