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Now You Can Help Us Help 100 Families In Africa Every 3 Weeks


We have several projects planned for the future with the intention of helping our community and other communities that need the assistance from NowRise Church.

Currently, we have a project deployed in Africa where we are feeding more than 100 families.

We have plans for many more projects in the future. With God and helping each other as our foundation, we will make it a reality.

Feeding 100 Families At A Time

We feed 100 families at a time in Africa with your donations

Feeding 100 Families At A Time

The easiest way to feed 100 families in Africa is by supporting our program

Feeding 100 Families At A Time

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*Any donations will go to these programs. Checks made to NowRise
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For more info contact Richard Martinez (626) 202-2291